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Weekly Whirlwind...

Last week was an exciting time celebrating the launch of Gary Haugen and Victor Boutros' new book:
A note from The Locust Effect team:
The response to The Locust Effect this week has been incredible. Books have been flying off the shelves and booksellers everywhere have been unable to keep up with demand. Excitement has been so great that a second donor even joined in to double the launch week offer. So, for every copy of the book being purchased in the U.S. (both hardcover & e-book), IJM will get $20, up to $80,000 total. This is enough to fund 17 rescue operations. We think we’re about halfway there. However, because of the tremendous amount of demand at bookstores around the country, we want to ensure that the book will be available again for everyone to get a copy and get to our ultimate $80,000 donation goal. For this reason, we are extending the offer through next week, Saturday, February 15.  Order your copy today and help: ---------------------------…

The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence (Part 2)

Imagine if you woke up everyday with nothing shielding you from violence...

"The Locust Effect is the surprising story of how a plague of lawless violence is destroying two dreams that the world deeply cherishes: the dream to end global poverty and to secure the most fundamental human rights for the poor…"

But, there are "great signs of hope…"

Visit TLE website here:
Buy The Locust Effect February 2-8 and for every copy sold in the U.S., a generous donor will give $20 to IJM*. (*up to $40,000 - enough to cover the cost of 8 rescue operations.) All author royalties from your purchase of this book will go to International Justice Mission to help fight violence against the poor. Learn more about IJM’s work.

The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence (Part 1)

Law Enforcement Is the Invisible Air We Breathe
We recently moved into a neighborhood behind a high school with no through streets – a perfect place for our kids to ride their bikes. Or so we thought.One afternoon the kids were riding in front of our house while we looked on. Suddenly, a silver car, with squealing tires, fishtailed around the corner, and raced past my kids down the street. Thankfully our children quickly hugged the curb to avoid being hit. No sooner had we adults remembered to breath again, did the car return barreling around the corner with reckless abandon.      I did what any mama bear would do. I took the license plate down and called the police.Within five minutes a police officer pulled up to our house just in time for the car to come once again around the corner. Within another few minutes, three more police cruisers arrived with quite a show of force. Children and adults alike looked on with the thrill and in relief of justice being served.      The reality that …