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Thoughts on Mothers' Day...

Recently, I was asked if I would consider writing a guest column in preparation for Mothers' Day.  I've posted those thoughts below. You can also find the online link to the publication here.

Thoughts on Mother’s Day by Kimberly Merida
Celebrating Mother’s Day was always a peaceful and joy-filled experience for me as I grew up in a loving, Christian, two-parent home. Possessing a gentle yet competitive spirit, I remember working diligently on the obligatory homemade gift projects we were given as school children in order to present something to my mom that would conjure a smile, thanks and a hug.
I wanted to show her my love and gratitude, while also perhaps inviting a little pat on the back. Mother’s Day served as an annual reminder to say, “Thank you.” To be honest, I never thought deeply about the annual celebration until later into my adulthood.
I have since come to discover that there is a lot of pain, heartache and grief associated with this particular holiday. Ignorance …